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Putting yourself out there is hard enough.  You want the world to read what you write, to see your artwork, or to hear your songs.  Yet not only do you have to contend with the emotional part of sharing your art, you also feel like you have to become a master at marketing.  The great news is you don’t.


It can be a real challenge to build an audience, get engagement, create fans, and make a successful business for yourself. Let’s face it, for many artists, just talking to people about what you create can be awkward and uncomfortable.  You know that you need to reach people but don’t really know how to market yourself in a way that doesn’t feel salesy (or cost a fortune.)  What you need is someone to  help you put together a marketing plan that will work best for you, that you understand, and that you can do easily.  


When I owned my first business, I did not want someone to come in and do my marketing for me. I wanted to understand how to do marketing for myself, and to have someone help me determine what would work best for me.  I needed someone to coach me, not take the control out of my hands. Just like you, I understood my business best, I just needed to know how to connect with customers. 



I would love to help you achieve your dreams by teaching you how to get the most out of your marketing efforts. 


Robert Southgate, MBA


Founder of Southgate Media Group and ThePodcastProfs

Need marketing but you are not a marketing expert?

 Rating these statements will help you determine if you need a coach like me.


* 1 being lowest – 5 being highest

I want to make raving fans by creating more engagement

I want to build a brand identity in my audience’s mind

I want a way to market my products without it feeling like an advertisement

I want to drive more customers to my website (or storefront)

I want to drive people to my newsletter/blog/or other social media

I want to create a connection with my audience that is more personal

If you have a higher score, starting a podcast is a good choice for your business!



Book a single consultation to kick things off so that you feel comfortable working with us and we can determine if you are a good fit for our services.  If everything aligns, we will create a launch timeline and get our sessions together scheduled.

If you have questions or know you are ready for me to build custom program for you, please email me at